The Forgotten Element: Your WHY

When you have big enough why...

Only when you know your why does the magic happen!

As I have been working to improve the format of the podcasts in preparation for the online course I realized that I had been leaving out a critical element that makes the whole process actually work: The WHY!

The current structure:
Working with People – Building your DataBase
Introducing Scripts – Being a professional
Getting Buyers to Escrow
Getting Sellers to Escrow

While each of the above focusses on the mechanics of how, none so far deal with the real reason why you will do any of this. When I teach live this is an integral part of the program, yet it is interspersed throughout the 8 weeks as these assignments are often the most difficult to complete and time is given to complete each before the next one is assigned.

The other night I started adding these into the online format. I am not exactly sure how it will look when the course is rolled out, yet I guarantee it will be there.

Look forward to upcoming podcasts devoted to finding your WHY!

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