Real Estate – The Magic Business

Listen. Real estate is one of the most amazing businesses ever created. Who ever dreamed of an opportunity to see inside of other people’s homes to see how they have made their home functional? Then we get to take that to our home and implement these ideas to make our homes more functional.

Plus, we get to make money doing it!

Or do we?

Did You Know:

The English language is the only language to contain the term “Make Money”.

Everywhere else it is – to work, or trade for money.

We can talk about other aspects later, but as we talk about real estate it really can be that easy. It’s almost like “magic”. We can make money while enjoying this “crazy” business.

“Magic” Business???

I know, I wasn’t taught any “magic” from my broker when I started either. I did learn it though. Or at least it felt like magic once I learned the “secrets” to making it work… to being in control of my business.

I started out like every other bright-eyed new agent. I was oblivious to anything the about business of being a residential real estate agent. Heck, I didn’t even figure out how I was getting paid till I was filling out my on-boarding paperwork.

There I was without a clue and subject to all the forces around me as a brand new agent… but after a while, and a lot of study I stopped being subject to everything else and started to control my business, gain control again over my life, and…

I Found the “Magic” of the Business

Well, it was like magic. No longer did market forces, open house visits, online lead counts, etc determine MY business and how I would spend my life. It wasn’t “magic”, but boy did it feel like it!

I studied everything I could get my hands on to learn about real estate and sales. The result: A business system that I controlled.

I wasn’t a magician, and I never automated it, but when I needed business I knew how to create it! When I wanted to take a vacation, I would create business before, after, and sometimes while gone.

Isn’t It Time To Work Harder Now I’ve Figured It Out?

I would love to brag about how hard I worked, but the truth is, once I put all the pieces together I was able to work less, and easier. I got my life back and enjoyed it SO MUCH MORE!

I was able to take time off to care for my mother without worry. The time with her made up for many years we had been apart… and that was worth every late night and sleep deprived day I spent for the first 3-4 years in the business.

The “Secret Magic” Won’t Stay a “Secret”

The best part is that I have no intention to keep this “secret” way to “magically” “make money” to myself. I taught people along the way who asked for my help, and now I am happily getting ready to share it with the world in an online course called “Getting To Escrow”.

It’s not the only way to do the business… but I can’t imagine another way I’d want to do it.


  1. So true about going into other people’s homes and seeing how they make it functional. Sometimes how people set up their home or how they have things organized blows me away. It really is magic being able to go into stranger’s homes and getting paid for it. This was a fun read. I wish you blogged more.

    • Thank you Jacob. I am in the middle of setting up the foundation to to create a lot more content on a regular basis. Working on the foundations now, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months. 😉

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