011 – Buyer Pre-Qualification using the Conversational Road Map

This is where scripts start to get real. In this episode we lay out the Conversational Road Map using the example of the Buyer’s Pre-Qualification Script. Do the work outlined in this episode an you are on your way to revolutionizing your business.

Conversational Road Map

  1. Rapport (Linking)
  2. Confirm Information from Last meeting (Linking)
  3. Confirm agenda and purpose of today’s meeting / decision to be made (Plan and linking)
  4. Find Motivation (Question based)
  5. What is the financial situation (Question based)
  6. Who are the decision makers (Question based)
  7. Fulfill agenda for this meeting
  8. Review this meeting’s agenda ensure it is complete (linking)
  9. Decision to proceed (Outcome)
  10. Set agenda for next meeting (linking forward)
  11. Review any steps for them to complete (linking)
  12. Set next appointment day and time (linking)
  13. Rapport (Linking)


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